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Our Values






The Léa Swann brand, since its inception, has as its mission the offer of a high quality product. This is why we take care of every detail carefully, from the research of the yarns to the production processes. We carry out up to three quality checks on garments internally.

In the creation phase of each collection we look for natural and innovative yarns that can give new sensations to the touch, and we study new patterns.

Natura meravigliosa


Our Brand is committed to ethical and sustainable production.


In designing Léa Swann garments, we pay the utmost attention to their durability , so as to allow those who own them to wear them over time.  

We select the best natural yarns to create them, from Mohair to Cashmere, from Linen to Cotton.

We operate in respect of the environment also in the logistics department, optimizing shipments

with recycled cardboard packages, designed ad hoc according to the size of our garments.

2022 NEWS

Since Spring 2022, Léa Swann has joined the new program "DON’T JUDGE A BOX BY IT’S COVER" of Ecomoda Distribuzione, which allows thanks to the regeneration of used boxes, a zero production of cardboard for packaging used to supply our Corner Stores.


At the end of Spring 2022 we are aiming for a regeneration of at least 400 double wave cardboard boxes, and for the whole of 2022 of at least 1200 boxes

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The craftsmanship necessary to create a high quality garment according to our standards is present only in the Bel Paese, Léa Swann garments are designed, manufactured and produced only in Italy.

Our formula:


Italian style + Italian production = true 100% Made in Italy

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